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Why Dandelion you might ask? Dandelion has been seen by many wrongfully as a nuisance plant.  In fact, Dandelions are indicative of compacted and nutrient deficient soil.  They employ their long tap root to break up soil at the same time aerating soil while bringing nutrients from lower soil levels to initiate soil remediation. The so called weeds play an important role in restoring and revitalizing our ecosystem. 

With our design expertise , we encourage customers to  incorporate a regenerative landscape design with medicinal and edible plants in order to return nutrient dense food back to their dining tables and at the same time assist our earth's ecosystem to become healthier as well. 

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Our Mission is to convert all the unused lawn into useful edible landscape and create climate resilient communities all over the DMV area. 


Our Vision is to create a beacon of hope for a climate resilient future by following permaculture principles such as earth care, people care, and return of the surplus. We envision a transition to an ecological conscious society with regenerative food and energy systems.

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