Dandelion Foodscapes LLC

Your edible landscaping solution for a future of climate resiliency.




During our Consultation, we perform an hour or two  walkthrough of the property , discuss customer needs and share expertise and answer any questions or concerns. identify food growing opportunities, discuss storm water management, 

$150 per visit

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Our maintenance offering provides either a monthly or a biweekly visit to the property and we performs works such as pruning, mulching, fertilizing, pest management , weeding, and other landscape maintenance related work.. We will also assist in harvesting and informing about produce that are ready to be harvested.

Price varies on project complexity and size

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After  initial consultation , we provide a comprehensive design of the property with edible plants and water management design.   The design will provide  drawn to scale design proposal with nutrient management plan. We also provide graphic visualization for better understanding the design

$200 per design

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By signing up for our coaching experience , we provide one on one educating and hands on gardening session where you will learn sessional based garden care, appropriate techniques for pest management and plant care. 

$60 per session

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We do offer installation service, where upon accepting the design proposal , an estimated cost of the project installation will be send for approval and reiew. Which we then proceed to planting and installing landscape features such as swales, gabions, trellises, raised beds, etc. 

Price varies depending on project scope


Donating Extras

We encourage our clients to donate their surplus produce. Upon request we will combine our maintance work with harvesting extra produce and we also offer produce pick up. We will work with various nonprofits  and food pantries to donate and provide nutrient dense for communities members that need it the most