What is Permaculture?

The term Food Forestry ,has also been referred to as Agroecology, Agroforestry, or Food Forestry,  is a new form of agriculture involving a diversified system incorporating concepts from past and present agricultural pracitces with the focus of ecosystem creation and revitalization.  When looking at a forest system there are different layers support various functions to create a forest ecosystem.. Mainly there is ground cover layer, shrub layer, mid size trees, and finally canopy layer. 

A forest ecosystem usually follows natural succession wherein a degraded land over years of plant remediation , such as dandelions or so called weeds, through natural processes transitions into mid succession which is mostly shrubs and grass land  and finally reaches an equilibrium state being forest ecosystem. This process takes sometime thousands of years . By incorporating our past and present knowledge of agriculture we are able to augment and expedite the succesion process through proper planning and research of local ecosystem funcions.